Austrian agricultural manufacturing company, Pöttinger, are synonymus with engineering grassland, arable digital agricultural engineering machinery for over 150 years.

Pöttinger’s new forage wagon will be a viable option for smaller Irish farms

Austrian agricultural manufacturing company, Pöttinger, are synonymus with engineering grassland machinery for over 150 years. They are globally renowned a pioneering the first ever self loading wagon and a brief timeline for these technological advances are:

  • 1960’s – the novel hay loader
  • Followed by a self-loading wagon combining a loader and discharge system
  • 1972 – ‘Harvest Wagon’ – A loading wagon with a chopping mechanism consisting of a large number of knives: a short-chop loader wagon that could be equipped with unloading beaters
  • 1999 – The JUMBO range

Today, Pöttinger, are continuously improving upon their plethora of grassland and arable machinery equipment and reinforcing their market position by investing in Digital Agricultural Technology;

  • The new JUMBO loader wagon,
  • the AEROSEM FDD front hopper seed drill,
  • the software link to ‘agrirouter’,
  • ‘Next Machine Management‘ and many other solutions in the field of digital agricultural technology

Pöttinger BOSS 3000 Master Series Forage Wagon

Today, the majority of agricultural manufacturing companies seem to focus almost entirely on industrial scale agricultural machinery, However, Pöttinger is a break from the norm, and remains close to it’s agricultural manufacturing roots on the Alpine slopes.

This new forage wagon is a testament to that as it is specifically designed to meet the challenges of grassland management in these hilly terrains. This is where the Pöttinger BOSS 3000 Silage Wagon comes into it’s own and could fill an important niche for Irish farmer’s too!

Every year there is an increasing dependance on agricultural contractors, ever shortening windows for getting work done and increasing diesel prices. Small / medium sized Irish farms may have to revert back to making some (if not all) of their own winter fodder and daily dairy cow rations.

A forage Wagon Tailored Exactly to the Farmer’s Requirements

This range of forage wagons and been designed form the ground up with great attention paid to matching the range options to the farmers individual field requirements. The engineers at Pöttinger focused on inventing a new machine with minimal maintenance (hence down time), whilst optimising throughput capacity to cope with the modern farming challenge of ever shortening operational windows.

Furthermore, they have produced a range of four models {18.7 to 26.5 m³ (DIN), two with beater rotors} with a range of additional options geared to match the farmer’s specific requirements including;

  • high- or low-profile loader wagon
  • single or tandem axles,
  • Two models with beater models (optional third). These beaters for hay / straw gathering.
  • Optimized options (tandem axle / suspension / parallel lift drawbar for road transport up to 40kph
  • Mechanical cross conveyor belt that can be folded under the wagon if not required.
  • Light weight and simple to install. optional nets, can be used to line the chamber preventing crop jamming between the struts or falling out.
  • LED lighting package

EVOMATIC – A NEW Loading Unit Innovation

This new range sees the advent of the EVOMATIC loading unit. This design feature has the machine’s conveying elements bolted to the shaft. This results in a 25% increase in loading power whilst allowing the machine to run extra smoothly. Furthermore , EVOMATIC, significantly reduces wear and tear and therefore costly maintenance time.

The entry level model comes without knives, but 6 knives can be added if required. There is also an EASYMOVE option, where a bank of 16-31 knives can be hydraulically and safely folded out.

Pöttinger BOSS 3000 Master Series Forage Wagon versatility.

This new range can perform a variety of foraging options on modern farms including;

  • Gathering daily rations for dairy farmers
  • Silage operations
  • Hay /straw harvesting
  • 130 HP tractor requirement

ISOBUS Compatibility

Pöttinger is meeting the requirements of modern agricultural tractors right across the power spectrums. An extra control terminal is still an optional extra. The new SELECT CONTROL terminal now offers a 4.6″ touch screen in addition to eight function keys. The loader wagon can be equipped in three levels:

  • from simple pre-select control with the functions implemented by the tractor spool valve
  • to automatic features with a hydraulic system for the scraper floor
  • to load-sensing hydraulics with functions implemented directly from the terminal

The BOSS 3000 MASTER series will be available to interested farmers from 01 August 2022.

Read the full press release HERE

The new BOSS 3000 MASTER series from PÖTTINGER is a versatile loader wagon that is a big performer in the small wagon segment thanks to its maximum efficiency, perfect ground tracking and modern control system.

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