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Pottinger proclaims NEW Novacat V 10000 as ‘The New Standard in Mowing’

Pottinger’s has recently launched the replacement for it’s popular A10 butterfly combination mowers, the Novacat V 10000. The leading global agricultural engineering company are confident that their new triple mower combination will reset the benchmark in mowing technology.

With this new butterfly combo, Pottinger have fully utilised intelligent technology to maximise output, reliability and achieve the best ground tracking achievable.

Farmer’s / agricultural contractors can opt for a a headstock for 3.0 or 3.5 metre wide front mowers allowing for working widths up to 9.62 and 10.02 metres. Additional options include their ‘COLLECTOR‘ cross conveyor belt and ‘CROSS FLOW’ auger for merging swaths.

One significant technical innovation with the Novacat V 10000 has been the introduction of section control which automatically lifts and lowers individual mower units at the headland. This new triple mower combination also comes with integrated hydraulic sideshift. This feature allows the cutterbar to move by up to 370mm on each side when working on slopes and in field corners.

Another innovation is the optional automatic inclination system. On slopes, the mower units are shifted automatically so that no streaks are left standing even if the mower combination drifts sideways.

Y-DRIVE – driveline for a long service life

The patented Y DRIVE input gearbox features an output shaft on the opposite side. This has the advantage that longer standard PTO shafts can be used with less of an angle in operation. The result is exceptionally smooth operation and high performance, even in really tough conditions and at the headland. This new design extends service life significantly.

There for the choosing: Two control options

The NOVACAT V 10000 is equipped with the very latest ISOBUS-capable SELECT pre-select control system as standard. The job computer is located directly on the machine. An ISOBUS cable or the new SELECT CONTROL terminal can be connected to the job computer.

Pottinger’s new triple mower (butterfly) combination retains their proven hydraulic Nonstop Lift collision safety device, and the Novacat cutter bar (‘Proven a 1000 Fold’) with its quick-change blade system as standard.

Read Pottinger’s full press release HERE

‘First-class mowing quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and long service life are also the hall marks of the new NOVACAT V 10000 mower combination from PÖTTINGER.’

– Pottinger –
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