CICS SiloClean offer farm silo cleaning service to Irish agri sector

With over 30 years experience in the Irish industrial Silo Cleaning sector, CICS SiloClean Ltd, are now providing their specialist industrial cleaning services to the Irish Agri / Food sectors.

With rising animal feed bills throught out the Irish agri sector, it is imperative that close attention is paid to the management of feed stored in bulk bins. To retain the nutritive value of animal feed stuff must stored stored in a clean environment. Maximising animal performance will be key in the months ahead to the viability of many Irish farming enterprises.

CICS SiloClean Milling, Agri Store, Farm Silo and Bin Cleaning Services:

CICS SiloClean specialise in removing all signs of spoiled, moulding and contaminated feed from animal feed mills, dairy farms and pigs / poultry units.

Silo hang ups and bridging can cause all sorts of problems for the silo and the product contained in it.
From blocking and contamination from mould and moth larvae it is becoming increasingly recognized that mill silos require periodical cleaning to try and prevent downtime in production.

CICS SiloClean has tried and tested methodologies to remove any type of buildup from inside your silo.
We also clean the interior of Mixers, Coolers and Hoppers.

CISC SiloClean Farm Meal Bin Cleaning Service Nationwide
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