‘Let’s make a change. Now!’- Series of events to emphasise ‘Farm Safety’ this week from Monday, 18th to Friday, 22nd July.

This week will mark the tenth annual ‘Farm Safety Week’ of events organised jointly between the Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) and the the UK’s Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies)

Traditionally, the summer months (silage- harvesting) are notoriously the most dangerous time for work related accidents on Irish / UK farms. This year, Ireland & the UK have teamed up to highlight risk awareness and promote safe working practice on farms.

Working with and transporting agricultural machinery and handling livestock (including calving time), still represent the greatest elements of risk of accidents and serious injury. Children are also most prone to falls / injuries on family farms as well as elderly farmers & relatives.

The agricultural sector in Ireland (North & South) accounts for a larger proportion of workplace deaths in comparison to the national industry average.

Agriculture makes up 6% of national workforce but it starkly accounts for nearly 50% of nationwide workplace deaths! To date in 2022, there have been 6 fatalities from farming accidents.

To promote the dangers and highlight awareness of farm safety issues, a series of events have been planned for this week including:

  • Monday 18th – Launch/ Accident Statistics.
  • Tuesday 19th – Childhood Safety;
  • Wednesday 20th – Farm safety champions and farm accident survivors;
  • Thursday 21st -Respiratory health;
  • Friday 22nd – Mental health awareness

Farm Safety (Silage – Harvesting Season) 2022

A joint campaign between the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), Axa and Agriland Media Group is raising awareness about farm safety around this crucuial time in the farming calender.

Particular areas of focus include;

  • Preperation & planning pre-harvesting – Health & Safety Authority ‘Farm Safety Code of Practice’
  • Protection of children in the farmyard
  • Farmyard maintenance & safety checks
  • Silage pit maintenance & safety checks
  • Farm Machinery safety checks
  • Road worthiness of agricultural machinery
  • Safety / awareness operating machinery in the field
  • Baled Silage – Safety precautions around , baling, transporting and stacking round bales.

A farm accident re-enactment at the recent Teagasc BEEF2022 Open Day at Grange, Co. Meath, highlighted how quickly an accident or fatality can happen on a farm.

Further information and farm safety tips relating tot his initiative can be found HERE.

‘Safety First’ – Agri Aware Farm Safe Schools programme 2022

This highly successful programme ran from February to May this year and was free for schools to participate in right across Ireland.

‘Farm Safe Schools’ Pilot Programme

Agri Aware, AgriKids and the Irish Farmers Association (IFA), supported by the FBD Trust have teamed up to bring the Farm Safe Schools pilot programme to Irish classrooms. The principle aims of this inaugural programme are to engage, educate and empower Irish children to become farm safety ambassadors and in doing so help create a safer, brighter future on Irish farms.

‘Farmers’ Health and Wellbeing – A guide to staying healthy while farming‘

On Tuesday, 5th of July, the Health and Safety Authority’s (HSA’s) Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee (FSPAC) working group launched an informative well-being guide for farmers accompanied by a mental health awareness video.

This comprehensive guide highlights the health & well being issues farmers are most at risk too including;

  • Heart disease;
  • Stroke;
  • Overweight/obesity;
  • Lung issues;
  • Back pain;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Skin problems and skin cancers;
  • Stress and mental health issues.

Access the PDF version of this ‘Farmer’s Health & Well Being’ guide HERE


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