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‘Vector Power Drive’: Fence Post Driver Renowned World Wide For Quality, Strength & Reliability

‘Power Vector Drive’ post drivers were born out of the Brennan family’s many years of contract fencing in the agricultural and commercial sectors throughout Ireland.  They have now developed into a globally successful family run agricultural manufacturing company.

From their factory in Johnstown, Kilkenny, they export their highly acclaimed range of versatile post drivers to meet the demands of farmers and agricultural contractors.

Meeting Global Demand

The diverse range of ‘Vector Power Drive’ post drivers are exported to many countries, including Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Greece, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and several African countries.

Manufactured to Your Individual Needs

From small famers to large scale agricultural contractors the range of possiblilites for your post driver gives ‘Vector Power Drive’ unrivalled status as a market leader.

From the  entry level Model 1+ through to the range topping high spec Model 8 220°, ‘Vector Power Drive’ can provide you with a post driver that meets your exact agricultural / agri contractor demands.  However, the company’s ingenuity and technical expertise doesn’t stop there.   They can also manufacture a range of bespoke tracked machines, attachments and accessories including tracked post drivers, net clamp. hydraulic rotator cap, excavator arms and transport trolleys!

The ‘Vector Power Drive’ Range

  • MODEL 1
  • MODEL 1+
  • MODEL 2
  • MODEL 2+
  • MODEL 3
  • MODEL 4 AGRI 120°
  • MODEL 5
  • MODEL 6
  • MODEL 7

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Dealerships & Agencies

Should you require information about becoming a dealer or agent in your area, please contact us at any time.

Fencing Contractors & Fencing Supplies

We also provide a top-class contract fencing service and stock a complete range of fencing supplies at our premises and online. You will find products in stock from most leading manufacturers, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to advise you about the right products for your job.

Vector PowerDrive fence post drivers are designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland where land conditions are so variable that true versatility of performance is an absolute necessity.


Vector Power Drive

Vector Power Drive CrossPatrick, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland E41 XA59

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