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From their base in Listowel, Co. Kerry, KME Agri, has fast become a leading agricultural manufacturer and supplier of high-quality slurry management (dribble bar / trailing shoe) equipment.  Nationwide slurry tanker retrofitting service also available!

KME Agri’s parent company , Kerry Mechanical Engineering, have utilised their vast 25 year mechanical engineering experience to perfect their unique dribble bar and trailing shoe slurry systems.

KME Argi also lend their high end steel fabrication and engineering expertise to refurbishing and retrofitting slurry tankers to the highest industry standards!  This invaluable service has proven to be a firm hit with famers and agricultural contractors with the ever increasing cost of new purchasing and maintaining modern agricultural farm machinery.

What are the benefits of dribble bar / trailing shoe slurry systems?

For many years farmers and agri contractors have relied solely on conventional slurry spreading using a splash plate method.  Until recent years, the emphasis has been on spreading slurry easily and quickly and little attention was paid to maximising the nutrient potential for grass growth.

With the advent of more stringent EU directives and a sharper focus on the environmental impacts, maximising the true benefit from proper slurry application per acre / hectare has become an industry focus.   The introduction of the GLAS  (Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme) in 2015 focused the minds of farmers / agri contractors and agricultural engineering companies on perfecting low-emission slurry spreading techniques.  Fast forward to today and the exponential increase in fertiliser costs, optimising slurry management remains at the forefront.

Grants offered for the purchase of low-emission spreading equipment under Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme II (TAMS II)  in 2015 opened the door to many farmers and agri contrctors to uptake the latest slurry management technologies.

These new dribble bar and trailing shoe systems opened up a new world of affordable options for farmers / agri contractors to get the best nutrient response from cattle slurry whilst meeting new EU regulations.  One of the main concerns with conventional splash plate spreading was the atmospheric loss from simply spreading slurry ammonia into thin air.

It has been estimated that as much as 50% of the nutrient content can be lost, not to mention the environmental impact!  Both dribble bar / trailing shoe systems offer a much more effective delivery system which dramatically reduces this significant loss by up to 30% by simply delivering the slurry much closer to the ground surface.

KME Agri; taking dribble bar / trailing shoe technologies to the next level

With the numerous environmental / nutrient retention benefits of dribble bar / trailing shoe systems unquestioned, KME Agri have focused their engineering expertise on perfecting some common  issues associated with these systems.  The principle one experienced by farmers and contractors alike have been venting and blockage problems.

To try and resolve this, KME Agri have designed a unique (patent pending) breather plate on their horizontal macerator which guarantees a more even distribution across ALL the hose outlets.  To date this adaption has proven extremely successful in alleviating venting / blockage problems.

With farmers / agri contractors faced with ever shortening operating windows KME Agri prioritise ‘ease of use / maintenance’ with their slurry systems.  Their Dribble bar macerator has two door clips which ensures full inspection access in just 30 secs.   Servicing can be undertaken quickly (30 mins) and efficiently by simply releasing a single blade carrier bolt allowing the complete blade system to lift out.

Prioritising Operational Safety

KME Agri have developed a unique safety feature to the back door of their macerator which instantly diverts oil back to the tractor when the macerator’s door is opened ensuring everything is automatically shut down!!

A KME Agri dribble bar / trailing shoe system to meet your farming / agri contracting needs

The KME Agri Range Options:

  • 7.5 metre,
  • 9.6 metre
  • and 12 metre. – This 12 metre option has a double macerator, ideally suited for the umbilical cord

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KME Agri

Kerry Mechanical Engineering, Kilmeany, Kilmorna, County Kerry, Ireland

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