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At Erth Engineering Ltd we design, manufacture and sell a range of specialist reseeding / tillage equipment. Our two main products are the Erth AgriSeeder (Direct Drill / OverSeeder) and the Erth Panbuster (Subsoiler).

We pride ourselves on manufacturing simple, robust and functional agri-equipment which performs well where it counts, in the field!

Our products are recognised as the market leading seed driller and subsoiler respectively in both the UK and Ireland.  Based on this success, we are beginning to establish our reputation further afield.

Erth AgriSeeder

The Erth AgriSeeder (minimum cultivation technique) is a flexible grassland / stubble over seeder that is perfect for sowing:

  • clover, grass,
  • fodder crops,
  • cover crops,
  • setaside mixes
  • and cereals into existing swards or burn off without the need for ploughing.

The Erth Agriseeder leaves a firm surface with minimal soil disturbance and better  moisture retention.  This creates a natural moisture trap that helps new seedlings to establish and grazing can re-commence.  Seed is placed at the optimum depth, even on undulating ground, thanks to Erth Agriseeder’s unique auto-contour system.

Erth Panbuster

The Erth Panbuster can solve soil compaction problems on all soil types and the ground can be used immediately afterwards. Use of the Erth Panbuster causes little or no soil disturbance.  Rather it works on below the ground surface soil compaction.

Many Irish / UK farmers say their animals prefer to graze on subsoiled grass.  In addition, improved drainage also enables livestock to traffic the ground for longer during the grazing season.  The knock on benefits include reduced poaching and surface damage.  This means earlier livestock turnout the following spring!

Maintaining Good Soil Health & Structure

A healthy soil environment is now essential for tillage / grassland farmers looking to;

  • reduce costs,
  • improve their grass / crop yields
  • and extend their growing season.

Good soil structure also has a positive environmental effect on surface flooding and carbon capture. Intensive farming practices and ploughing can cause damage to the soil, resulting in compaction and the degradation of soil quality.

The use of reduced/minimum tillage systems to improve drainage will also increase the level of micro/macro-organisms in the soil to improve soil quality overall.

Sowing cover crops can also be a potential solution to preventing run off and aid soil nutrient retention.

The Erth Panbuster ( subsoiler ) and Erth Agriseeder seed drill ranges have been designed and developed to successfully address all these issues.

We have an option for every grassland / tillage farmer or contractor so please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Erth Engineering Ltd

Erth Engineering Limited 22 Dunnanew Road Seaforde Co Down BT30 8PJ

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