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At Dairystock Services, we specialise in importing ONLY the highest genetic merit Flechvieh replacements for the dairy farming sector in Ireland.

Flechvieh: The ‘All in One’ Breed

The Flechvieh (a dairy Simmental) breed is fast becoming a viable alternative for the Irish dairy farmer.

The breed was developed in Austria and Southern Germany through cross-breeding local alpine stock with imported Simmentals from Switzerland in the 19th century.

Today, pure-bred Flechvieh cows and Flechvieh crosses, form the back bone of the dairy industry in many European countries due to their ‘dual-purpose’ breed status. They are commonly referred to as the sole ‘”All in One” breed, because of their renowned ability to produce top quality milk and beef.

Milk Production

The Flechvieh will typically average 6,000kg on her first lactation, increasing to 7-9000kg in subsequent lactations. They are renowned for longevity and normally peak after their fourth lactation.

“We only deal in high high-end genetics. So, for example, we would be taking in dams doing 8,000 plus litres with 7.3% to 7.5% milk solids and the grand-dams of that same heifer, maternal and paternal on father’s side doing from 9,000 to 13,000 litres and 7.3% to 8% solids.”  Adrian Cooney – Director, Dairystock Services

Milk Quality: CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), A2-A2 Beta-Casein, Omega-6/Omega-3

Breed average milk components are 4.2% butterfat and 3.5% protein. Canadian research studies have show that Fleckvieh milk (cheese and yogurt) contains 30% more cancer fighting CLA’s than any other dairy breed.

Further studies in Holland revealed that Flechvieh crosses produced comparable, and in some instances improved milk yields to pure-bred Holsteins. CLA Milk analysis showed that pure-bred Fleckvieh milk contained 14% more Omega 6 fatty acids than Holstein, while the Omega 3 was only 1% more for pure-bred Fleckvieh but 4% more for the Fleckvieh crosses.

High levels of A2-A2 Beta Casein are unique to Flechvieh milk which enhances it’s digestibility and therefore makes an excellent substitute for people with lactose intolerance.

The Flechvieh’s renowned breed traits include:

  • Docility
  • Excellent Fertility Rates: (Av. 70% Conception rates)
  • Calving Interval: Av. 380 Days
  • Excellent Feet and Legs
  • Low Mastitis and Somatic Cell Count
  • Longevity: Peak in later lactations
  • Improved Fat & Protein Milk Content
  • High Calf Value
  • Excellent Cull Value (Typical 380Kg carcass, U3 Grade)
  • Reduced Veterinary Costs
  • Dairy Replacement Stock

To source your dairy cow replacement, we select from the highest ranking gene pools, prioritising for traits such as animal docility, ease of calving, high yielding lactations and cow longevity. We also source cows and heifers ideal for organic dairy systems and high levels of A2-A2 Beta-Casein.

Maiden Heifers

Maidens are sourced to promote hereditary hi vigour traits and fertility to future proof your dairy enterprise.

Beef Production

Pure Fleckvieh and Flechvieh cross-bred calves offer a potential beef production bonus to existing dairy production systems.  In Southern Germany, Austria and Italy, Flechvieh beef production systems predominate.  Emphasis is placed on beef production from young bulls and heifers rather than steers from the sucking herds.  This is where the Fleckvieh’s ability to produce uniform carcass quality excels in their feedlot systems. Over 70% of finished bulls make E / U Grade with an average daily liveweight gain of 700g+/day.

“We supply Holstein Friesian dairy farmers who crossed their Holstein Friesian with Fleckvieh, who find it very good. So, for the Holstein Friesian Fleckvieh-cross bull calves, they are getting between €250-€320. Where they were only getting €30-€50, for the Holstein Friesian bull calf.” Adrian Cooney – Director, Dairystock Services

AI Grade Breeding Bulls

We source high scoring breeding bulls to promote ‘dual-purpose‘ and high milk yielding progeny for your dairy herd improvement programme.

‘Home of the best Fleckvieh, chosen from the finest gene pool, tailored to your dairy enterprise, Leave it to us.’

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