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At Carlow Concrete Tanks (CCT), we offer a complete range of agricultural precast concrete products for farm building projects throughout Ireland and the UK.

Throughout the years we have built an unrivalled reputation within the farming community for consistently producing quality innovation.

Our extensive range of agricultural precast products include:

Slatted Tanks

We have a range of slatted tank solutions to suit every type of beef and dairy farming enterprise. The slurry storage capacity of our precast slatted tanks range from 11.3m3 (2,500 gallon) to 36m3 (8,000 gallon).  To meet health & safety standards we offer a slatted lid option for use in collection yards and/or reception tanks for slurry stores. All our slatted lids come with galvanised safety manholes for easy slurry agitator access.

Effluent Storage Tanks

In recent years the containment, collection and storage of effluent has become a major priority for farmers especially those involved in the dairy sector.

We can offer a range of precast tanks to meet your farmyard requirements ranging from  4.5m3 (1,000 gallon) tank through to 36m3(8,000 gallon).  All tanks come with a solid lid with the added option of a galvanised manhole cover.

Water Storage Tanks

The efficient collection and subsequent use of water has become a priority for the farming sector in recent years, especially with the introduction of water charges in Ireland.

Given the rainfall levels in Ireland coupled with the high demand for water on farms, especially the dairy sector, efficient water collection and storage has become essential.

Installing a bespoke Carlow Concrete Tank (CCT) precast water storage tank will be a cost effective option guaranteeing a constant rainwater supply for all your farming needs.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Rainwater harvesting systems have become the main source of supplying clean water to farming enterprises including the dairy / beef and the tillage / horticulture sectors. A guaranteed on farm water supply is essential for;

  • feeding livestock,
  • cleaning sheds/farm machinery,
  • crop irrigation and much more!.

At CCT we design and manufacture bespoke rain water harvesting systems to meet your individual farm needs.  Our highly acclaimed, RAINstar Rainwater Harvesting System, filtrates water collected from roof areas and stores it in underground concrete tank.  Water can then be pumped on demand around the farmyard.

Our RAINstar system is Tank Range Grant Approved by both the Department of Agriculture & DARD and comes with a 15 year structural guarantee. It comes fully factory tested and is installed on site by our experienced crew.

Water Troughs/Feeding Barriers

At Carlow Concrete Tanks (CCT) we supply the pig and dairy/beef sectors with precast concrete water troughs with capacity ranging from 140 to 500 gallons.  All water troughs are made with 50kN concrete and comply with regulations for backflow to water schemes (type AA water gap).

We all also supply a range of bespoke feeding troughs and slurry channels.

Reception Tanks for Overground Slurry Stores

Choose from 4.5m3 (1,000 gallon) to 36m3(8,000 gallon) capacity reception tanks fitted with solid lids or optional galvanised manhole covers.

Carlow Concrete Tanks (CCT)

Carlow Concrete Tanks, Carlow Tanks, Drumderry, Bunclody, Co. Wexford, Y21 AW83, Ireland

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